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Price Watch
Price watch allows you to keep a tab on your competitor's pricing and help adjust your prices if they are out of sync with what other sellers are offering. We regularly scan your competitor’s prices for the products that you sell and provide you with the info that allows you to be competitive in the market.
Price Optimisation using AI/ML
What if you could sell your product for a higher price without impacting volumes and increasing absolute overall profits or sell it at a slightly lower price and increase volumes that improving overall absolute profits. We use the power of machine learning to provide you with insights that you can use to improve revenue and profits.
Pricing automation
Dynamic pricing can completely or partially automate price adjustments. Our tool evaluates a large number of internal (stock or inventory, KPIs, etc.) and external factors (competitor prices, demand, etc.) to generate prices that align with a company’s pricing strategy.
Manage multiple sales channels
Sell on Google, Amazon & eBay
Price Reports & Business Intelligence
Understanding the details of your sales, customers, inventory, traffic, and more requires a tool that you can trust and it should not be expensive for you to do it. Analyze the dashboards and reports combining data from multiple sources (Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and Google). 50+ prebuilt reports. You also have the option to create your custom reports. Our analytics provides ML-based forecasting that helps you see the future and course-correct if needed. Send scheduled reports. Export data.
Inventory Optimisation
We help you with inventory optimization to help you decide the right inventory to meet your target service levels while tying up a minimum amount of capital in inventory. Inventory optimization will help you become more competitive and help you with our price optimisation by never going out of stock. This will be done with the help of advanced machine learning techniques and will help you immensely.
Price Bundling
Now you can sell your products at a higher margin while providing your customers a discount at the same time. An optimal bundle contains a diverse range of products that are highly correlated and personalized for the customer. We use automatic mining techniques to replace the manual strategies which rely on human insights to solve the problem.