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"We make pricing intelligent"

Are you worried about the discounted price war with other e-com businesses online? Also worried about whats the right price for your products is? uniQin.ai is here to help you with just this - pricing your product at an optimal level where you can maximise your profits!

Price is something very ephemeral, this is because price is something a client pays on the perceived value, because of which price transparency is one of today’s market traits. Competition is intense in the market now, uniQin.ai will help you find the right price that appeals to the buyers who is your target customers. Online purchases today are predominantly driven by price, this is
because customers check the prices of other offers online and go
with what they feel is the best, even a fractional difference in price
influence their purchase decision. This is why we are here to help you.

Are you losing the battle in this downward spiralling discounted price war with other e-commerce businesses online? uniQin.ai is here to help you with just this - pricing your product at an optimal level where you can maximise your profits!

Consumers can find which merchant provides an item or service of interest to them, at a lesser comparative expensive option with a few clicks or taps. Competition is intense in any market, to get a foothold or garner market share businesses rashly cut prices in response to their competitor cutting theirs. This way, the company with the shallower pocket risks losing the price war that has started. The race to the bottom is full-on when a company deliberately charges less and decreases its profit margins, sometimes even accepting a loss lead.

Online purchases today are predominantly driven by price; this is because customers perform a comparative price check online and even a fractional difference influences their purchase decisions.

uniQin.ai is here to help you deal with these pricing challenges by using AI to help you make data-driven pricing decisions. Our tools monitor and analyse data about market movements, product demand, available inventory, competitor prices, customers’ digital footprints, as well as website events (i.e., the most viewed pages products/services, abandoned carts, clicks on content times) and come up with the optimal price for your product

At uniQin.ai At uniQin.ai we use machine learning and AI to enable you to price your products in a smart manner and stay ahead of the competition while maximizing your revenue.

Our team

Roshni Mohandas
CEO & Founder
Prabhat Sharma
CTO & Founder
Uday Simha Prakash
CMO & Founder
Ayon Bhattacharya
Director - Information Technology
Mahashwetha Ray
Product Manager
Rasmi KR
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Neha A M
Machine Learning Engineer Trainee
Fathima Thoyyiba
Machine Learning Intern
Pranav Hari
Software Developer Intern
Sri datta hemanth
Software Developer Intern
Manu K Nath
Machine Learning Intern
Badal Sharma
Software Developer Intern
Akshay Kumar MS
Software Developer
Saikat Mazumder
Machine Learning Engineer Trainee

Our Advisors

Dinesh Kumar
AI/ML Advisor
Hari Koduvely
AI/ML Advisor