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price optimization

What is

Price Optimisation?

Price optimisation utilises ML to suggest optimal price that maximises revenue, profit or marketshare. Take data-driven decision while setting prices for your products.

Key solution features

  • Revenue Maximisation: our ML model optimise the price for a selected product so that revenue can be maximized
  • Volume Maximisation: choose the right discount to Sell the dead stock, New products optimal price, Existing products optimal price, Promotional price for existing products
  • Profit Maximisation: algorithm chooses the right price for profit maximization
price optimization

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price optimization
What is price optimisation ?
Price optimisation uses ML to price your products optimally which maximises your revenue, profit or marketshare. Price optimisation helps you take data driven decision while setting prices and optimise prices while taking care of elasticity, demand, inventory, competitors etc in check.
What problem does it help solve?
There is a lot of data at sellers disposal but it is rarely used. You also don't have the time or knowledge to do it yourself.
How can a eCommerce or retail benefit from it?
Using data to set price is the best way to stay ahead. Our ML models are interpretable and explained through charts which will help you get more insights on your business performance ( apart from optimal price for your products ). Apart from this, you can also understand the data better through our dashboards.
How can i start using it?
Please reach out to us for a demo, we can help you with access to our platform. We are also available on Shopify/Amazon.

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price optimization

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E-commerce and retailers lose upto 40% of revenue due to inaccurate pricing, uniQin offers an AI-powered SaaS pricing platform that addresses this business challenge of SME e-tailers. It’s diverse capabilities are expected to improve the retailers topline upto ~10%.

price optimization


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